PST Splitter Pro Edition - custom and manual Outlook data splitting tool.

An automatic and manual PST splitting tool for Microsoft Outlook data archiving, moving or copying. The PST Splitter Pro Edition allows the users to split Outlook PST files according to selected methods. The choice of splitting ways gives flexibility to manage data files easier. Split PST files manually by specified time period, size, folders or accounts. Combine different ways of splitting to achieve the desired results. For instance, split data of each year to separate files. Then separate them by folders or even subfolders.

The PST files created as a result of the split are completely independent of the original and can be freely used as regular Outlook data files. This allows you to easily archive Outlook data, organize accounts and folders, migrate the specified data from one PC to another and so on. The integrity of PST files with their data content stays completely intact with PST Splitter. It will not harm the data structure or items. The newly created files can be imported to Outlook on the same or any other computer. For better safety, the backup of original files can be created before each split by selecting the appropriate checkbox.

Main features of PST Splitter Pro Edition:

  • Simple and customizable PST splitting software.

    Simple and customizable PST splitting software.

    PST Splitter Pro gives you many ways to split data. Select the most suitable criteria for Microsoft Outlook data splitting or combine them. An easy way to make PST files more manageable. Set up the splitting options in a couple of simple steps.
  • Data safety and integrity is guaranteed.

    Data safety and integrity is guaranteed.

    When splitting PST files with PST Splitter, you can be sure that Outlook data will not be harmed or somehow changed. Newly created data files will contain the specified data, which will be the same as in the original files. After connecting the PST file back to Outlook, the data will be accessible as it used to be before.
  • Manual or automatic data splitting.

    Manual or automatic data splitting.

    Set up an automatic PST file archiving by date or split PST files manually. Manual splitting gives you multiple criteria and options. Choose the criteria on which you want the splitting to be based and set the filters.
  • Split PST files by specified time periods.

    Split PST files by specified time periods.

    When using the Pro Edition, you can specify the time periods in which the PST file will be split. Or select custom dates for the data to be moved or copied to another PST file. Organize your Microsoft Outlook data by the data age, archive old emails and keep Outlook clean.
  • Split PST files by specified time periods.

    Avoid oversized files and archive Outlook data.

    For people using Outlook every day, large PST files present a problem. Solve this issue easily with PST Splitter. Split PST by specified time periods or move the data of specific dates to a new PST file. Archive old data and make Outlook work much faster. You can be sure that all the data is safe in the archive PST file.
  • Customizable Microsoft Outlook OST and PST backup solution.

    Move or copy specified folders and subfolders.

    Apply filters before splitting PST files no matter which method you choose for the split. Select folders and subfolders that you want to be included in the newly created PST file. Move data from the existing PST file to a new one, or copy data and keep it in both files.
  • Separate Microsoft Outlook data by accounts.

    Separate Microsoft Outlook data by accounts.

    In case the data of all Outlook accounts is saved in a single PST file, PST Splitter is a great solution to separate it by accounts. Split data of each account into separate files in a couple of clicks.
  • Copy selected Outlook data to another file without changing the original file.

    Copy selected Outlook data to another file without changing the original file.

    Pro Edition has an option to copy data to a new PST file instead of moving it. Select this option if you do not want to change the existing data file. Copy the data of your choice to a new file and import it to any other computer with Outlook installed.
  • Separate Microsoft Outlook data by accounts.

    Move Outlook data to another PST file.

    By moving a part of the data from Microsoft Outlook, you can save a lot of space and increase Outlook’s speed. Moreover, the data is moved to another file and is completely safe and accessible in the archive PST. Connect it back to Outlook and use archived data at any time.
  • Back up PST file automatically before splitting.

    Back up PST file automatically before splitting.

    In order to feel completely safe, you can create a backup of the original PST file before splitting it. In case some wrong parameters are chosen, or you change your mind about splitting, you can always come back to the previous data using the backup file. The “Create a backup” option is selected by default when the option to move data is chosen.
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